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Are Single Disease Health Insurance Plans Effective For You?

Are Single Disease Health Insurance Plans Effective For You?

In recent times Single disease health insurance plans are the new flare for the industry. As the penetration of health insurance is increasing in the country insurers are trying out with new innovate products to serve their customers better. Say for example two years ago when there was huge outburst of Dengue, rising to the level of an epidemic in states like Delhi many health insurance companies started offering specific health cover for dengue.

 But the important question is that do you actually need a special cover for specific ailments as that would mean shedding out extra money from your pocket other than the premium that you pay for your regular comprehensive plan. Right now the most common of single disease cover plans are all dealing with few of the common critical illnesses like diabetes, cancer, heart diseases and other life style diseases.

Technically speaking while planning for you and your family the first thing which you should consider is the state of health every member who would fall under the plan and secondly do any of the members needs some special care. You may come across a case when a particular member of the family might require some special care because of some pre-existing ailment which is generally not covered in the starting years of the comprehensive plan or he /she is already suffering from some disease which falls under a critical illness category and while making claims for him /her the total sum assured under your comprehensive plans gets eroded and nothing left for other members. In a situation like this you need health insurance plans for these specific diseases. Health insurance plans for specific diseases are structured as comprehensive insurance for special needs of specific ailments and things are covered from day one. Since the risk associated with covering a person like this is very high for an insurance company so the cost of premium is always very high. This is an ultra critical decision whether you need the policy or not. The benefits of the existing comprehensive plan should always be considered and what is the left out time in the waiting period of your policy. Do the person for whom the specific disease insurance is considered do actually need the amount of an extra cover the policy has to offer. Do keep in mind that all these specific plans are not meant for regular treatment purposes and should be used to claims when the cost of treatment becomes considerably high.

So it is always advised to take the right decision after only calculating the right health cover that you need. Do always check whether your regular comprehensive plan is enough or not and in some cases an additional rider like critical illness rider can be enough rather than buy specific disease related insurance because the price differentials are very high. Do make a proper comparison online before taking a decision and understanding the various fine elements of the plans that you plan to Buy Best Health insurance Plans .It always advised to read through the plans documents also so that the plan should come to your help when you actually need it.