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Bharti Axa Health Insurance Plan Review And How To Buy Online?

Bharti Axa Health Insurance Plan Review And How To Buy Online?

Bharti AXA health insurance plan is one of it kind of health insurance which comes with three types of forms. The best part of the plan is its lifetime renewability option so that the plan stays with you when you actually require it.The plan is suitable for both individuals and family.Under the family plan maximum four members can be included into it.This includes the policyholder,the spouse and their two dependent children.

Understanding The Details Of The Plan:

  1. The plan comes three variable options depending on the maximum health insurance covered offered under them . They are :
  1. Smart Health basic : Under this the maximum covered allowed is Rs.200000
  2. Smart Health Premium: Under this maximum covered allowed is Rs.300000
  3. Smart Health Optimum: Under this the maximum cover allowed is Rs.500000


2. The plan comes with annual renewability feature.So if you have problem of forgetting renewal dates then it can be bit problematic for you.

3. Any policyholder can avail 5% discount on premium for every claim free and the discount can go upto 25%. This seems to be very effective feature for policyholders who follow a healthy routine.One should keep in mind that one should not be raising claims for minor emergencies which will not only eat away the whole cover but also one would also not be able to avail the discount which otherwise would have benefited the policyholder while renewing the policy.

4. The plan covers all possible hospitalization expenses mostly without any caping This makes it an effective plan for most people of any age and of any health conditions.

What The Plan Actually Covers?

  1. The plan covers all format of hospitalizations both domiciliary and day care treatments with no maximum limits attached to it.
  2. All pre and post hospitalization cost are covered under this plan so this plan becomes a true elements through which one can plan for lifetime health.
  3. As organ transplant requirement specially liver transplant becoming very common due to undisciplined lifestyle , the policy has taken the same into consideration and covers all treatments relating to transplantation without any cap on it.
  4. In case of post hospitalization if the person needs services of a home nurse the same is also covered under this policy which is an unique feature under this plan and very uncommon to other offerings in the market today.
  5. The waiting period of pre-existing diseases is just 4 years and which is very useful to a lot of policyholders. Reduced waiting period in most of the cases is a boon for the policyholder.As it is common with people already having some pre-existing condition before one taking the policy so reduced waiting period for preexisting health conditions is a must thing to look into while deciding upon a particular plan.
  6. The plan offers cover almost 20 plus critical illnesses. This wider coverage makes it good option for lot of policyholders to look into.

Understanding What Is Not Covered Under This Plan:

There are all lot of situations in which your health insurer might not be covering you.A proper understanding the same is very much needed to decide whether to take a individual plan or not take a plan.People generally avoid reading the terms and conditions section of the policy document and they end up complaining the insurer when the claim getting rejected. We have listed below the top exclusions under the plan so that one can judge whether to buy this particular health insurance plan or not.

  1. One should remember that diseases like HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases are not covered under this.
  2. The plan doesn’t cover pregnancy and birth related complication. You will always find plans covering this part though with a waiting period but this plan doesn’t cover it.So preferably the plan is not suitable for policyholders looking for comprehensive family health insurance plan.
  3. Please remember for getting one’s claim settled one should get a treatment done from a certified medical practitioner.Though alternative medical treatments are allowed under this plan but the doctor must be certified under a proper medical body.
  4. Any medical emergency inflicted by alcohol and drug abuse is not covered under this plan. One should remember if you make claim under this you really stopping yourself from getting your future claims also unsettled.
  5. Any medical disorder arising due to consumption of alcohol or drug is not covered under this plan.

So from the above explanation one can easily evaluate the plan is more suitable for individuals and not for family. Senior citizen can also opt of individual health insurance plan become of lifetime renewability feature under this plan. But before one decide to buy bharti AXA health insurance which anybody can do it online and can also renew the same through the same mode should compare the plan with other available plans. Online compare health insurance plans is always helpful in matching the right plans with one’s health condition and helps the person to save a lot of cost on premium but it is always advised to do it as early as possible.