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Health Insurance Plans For Diabetes Is A Rising Necessity Now, Why?

Health Insurance Plans For Diabetes Is A Rising Necessity Now, Why?

Diabetes is one of the prominent health disorders in the country today. With over 50 million type 2 cases registered in India makes it the Diabetic capital of the world. As per recent survey this number is going to cross 100 million mark by 2030 with worst majority of affected patients in the age group of 20 to 60 years. The average size of claim registered by diabetic policy holders is close to Rs.50000 as per latest industry data and the claim amount it rising at the rate of 15% every year. This rising vulnerability is registered more among men as compared to women. The rising number of disorders is because of bad lifestyle choices which are leading to higher cases of hypertension which is one of the major reasons behind people being affected by this deadly disease. A diabetic has go through various level of treatment from Amputation to bypass operations which increases the cost of treatment largely. This heavy cost of medication can lead to bad affects in the financial health of the sufferers and India being largely a society where the bread earners are mainly men raises the need for having special health insurance for diabetic people.

What you should at look while a buying health insurance plans if one is already a diabetic or the chances of getting one is high?

Buying a cover at the early age: if you have family history or you are already a patient of hypertension makes sure that you buy a health insurance cover at a very early age. If you are still not detected with disorder you can always get yourself covered by a regular plan which is much cheaper.

. Buying early has two benefits:

  1. If you compare a regular plan with diabetic plan which you can only opt for when you are detected is the premium cost. At an early stage a Rs.5 Lac cover would cost you closer to Rs.6000 a year when compared to a specific diabetic plan it would be close of Rs.17000.
  2. While buying early you should always keep in mind that there is always a gestation period after which the policy offers coverage for diabetic like health disorder. Buying early help to go through the waiting period and your coverage become more effective at the age when you actually need it

If you are already suffering: if you are already effected you have no other option other than specific diabetic plan where you need to pay high premium. Most of these diabetic health insurance plans cover type 2 disorders and you always need in mind the exclusions of the policy you select. Some common complications which diabetic plans covers are?

  1. Heart and kidney ailments
  2. Kidney donor related expenses
  3. Amputation and artificial limb related cost
  4. Recurring dialysis cost.

Factors you should while buying a diabetic health cover?

The cost of insurance would always be very high when you are already affected by the ailment but a smart strategy can help a lot in saving some cost. If you have regular individual indemnity plan then you should look at dividing the cover between a base plan and top up plan. Most of the top up health insurance plans cover diabetic related complications and the cost is generally half the price than your base plan. So it is always advised that you should have base plan and take a top up over it rather than buying separate policy.