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Is The Health Insurance Cover Provided By Your Employer Is Enough For You?

Is The Health Insurance Cover Provided By Your Employer Is Enough For You?

Health Insurance covers which comes as a part of your CTC while joining a new employer may look like a sweet deal for you but do you think that is enough for your requirements? The primary requirement why you need a health cover is to cover you and your dependants in case of medical emergency. The rising cost of medication and medical services makes health insurance an important part of your portfolio to manage risks associated with health and the right amount of coverage is the primary requirement so that you don’t have to shed money out of your pocket when requirement arises. This is one of the main reasons why employer health plans are just not the end solution to your requirement and you should always look at an independent plans may be a separate floater plan for your family to suffice the left out requirement.

 Looking at the loopholes of Employer group health insurance Plans  independent health insurance always needs to be planned in advance. To check out few:

  1. If you are lucky to be under one of best employers of the world you happen to get of a cover of Rs.1.5 to 2 lakh but looking at the current cost of medication a minimum of Rs. 5 lakhs of cover is always necessary
  2. One of the loop holes of the Employer’s plan is that insurance agreement is terminated once you are out of employment .So once you quit the job or being terminated from your job due whatsoever reason your insurance cover stands cancelled. If you don’t have your own independent cover then during the period of unemployment you are always under the risk of staying uninsured.
  3. Corresponding to point b the same applies for people who are out of employment post retirement .If you don’t have an independent policy for you to support then you are forced to buy at plan at a much older age when you have to pay the highest premium and the policy will preferably not cover your pre-existing ailments also.
  4. The employer policy also offers very limited customization. Though your employer might have tried their best to negotiate for the amount of cover, number of critical illnesses which would be covered or the number of dependent who would be covered under the same but taken into account family health history a proper coverage can’t be planned under it. Other than that unlike an regular individual plan which offers various sets of add-on cover to custom design your policy as per your requirement employer plan don’t give you that option as an specific employee.
  5. Other that the above points, you should look at your group policy document in details because most of the plans also come with co-pay and limits on room rent. This is always kept to keep your employer under low liability .For your employer is just a way to lure and retain good talent and save their own profits and the central idea doesn’t surround around your benefits. So just depending on your employer’s plan can be dangerous.

Looking at shortcomings of a Buy Best Health Insurance Plans , the coverage under the employer’s plan is just not enough for you. You should always plan your health insurance keeping in view the total requirement of family and if you are individual think that way. Your family health history, lifestyle you lead or the type of profession you are into should be the governing factor in deciding the amount of cover your require. Since the employer health plans are effective till the date of employment so having an independent cover is always mandatory. Another important point to be taken into that consideration is cover for your dependent parents though your employer policy may be covering them but looking at the old age you should always look at an independent senior citizen cover.


So plan your total health insurance accordingly and don’t just depend on employer group plan. Always try and does an effective research online and Compare Health Insurance Policies Online buying your independent plans other than the employer plans so get the best out of the money that you would pay as premium.