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Max Bupa Health Companion Individual Health Insurance Plan

Max Bupa Health Companion Individual Health Insurance Plan

Max Bupa health Insurance plans are offered by Max Bupa Health Insurance Company Limited in India which is venture established in collaboration with Bupa of UK which is a premium health insurance provider and Max group which runs one of the largest private hospital chains in the country and has also a lot of exposure in the life insurance business.

Max Bupa offers plans across all customer segments from individual plans to family plans to senior citizen plans and also offer insurance plans for specific health segment like cancer care etc. Max Bupa Health Companion Individual Health Insurance plan is a specific health insurance plan target individuals and their specific health needs.It is one of the most cost effective plan of individuals looking at effective health insurance cover.

Key Features Of Max Bupa Health Companion Plan:

  1. There is no specific entry age for policyholders in this plan making it more accommodative for  individual policyholders.
  2. The plans comes in three variants. The best part of the plan is that under each variants there are three buckets of sum assured under which any body can get themselves insured.
  3. The variants make the plan more customizable for individuals ,variant one is meant for people looking for small amount of cover where a part of their requirements are already fulfilled by the employer group medical. Variant two is meant for policyholders looking of mid-size cover. Individuals in the second half of their career might look at this type of cover and third variant is meant for people who are very close to retirement and have a more health insurance requirements because of higher health fragility.
  4. Max Bupa Health Companion Individual plan is one of earlier individual health plans in the industry to offer one crore of cover so people who have fragile health condition or have a family history of specific health condition can look to get insured under this plan.
  5. Any policyholder can opt for two different terms under the Max Bupa Individual Health Plan. People who have an habit of not remembering renewal dates can also opt two years term and through they can also avail discount in their premium also.

What Is Covered Under This Plan?

  1. An individual can opt for sum assured under three variant. Variant 1 offers three sub variants of sum assured - two lacs , 3 lacs and 4 lacs whereas Variant 2 offers four sum variants- 5 lacs , 7.5 lacs , 10 lacs and  12 lacs and under Variant 3 there are 5 sub variants - 15 lacs , 20 lacs, 30 lacs, 50 lacs and 100 lacs.
  2. A policy holder can opt for 30 days expenses getting covered incurred during the pre-hospitalization phase and 60 days in case of post-hospitalization phase.
  3. In case of claim free year , the insurer offers an additional 20% sum assured of the base cover to maximum limit of 100%.
  4. In case a policyholder has opted for 2 year term in his/ her policy can avail a discount of 12% on premium in the second year premium which means a maximum of 6% on each year premium.
  5. Max Bupa health plans for individual cover 100% of the inpatient treatment cost which is itself a boon for lot of individual policyholders.
  6. The plans offers 100% coverage of all expenses incurred in case of day care treatment.
  7. The plans is also effective for people looking organ transplant in future. If a family history exist in this case it is always individuals to opt for this plan and opt for an higher sum assured.
  8. The plans also offers free health checkup once in two years because Max already has a huge network of hospitals and dispensaries.
  9. Another best part of the plan is that all alternate medication treatment costs are covered under the plan and which is not the case with most other plans from other insurer . It is can anything ranging from Ayurvedic , Unani treatment etc subject to the condition the same is taken from registered practitioners.

Buying And Renewing Max Bupa Individual Health Insurance Plan:

Buying and renewing a max bupa individual health plan is quite easy.Anybody can do the same online by following few steps. As the plan is quite affordable for individuals and also offers 2 years of term make it more effective of individual policyholders. Though from the above review the plan looks quite good for individual but it is always advised for people to do an online comparison of the plan with other plans available from other insurers which can help one empower a person to make a good health insurance decision.