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Religare Care Health Insurance Plan: Online Buy And Renew Details

Religare Care Health Insurance Plan overview:

Religare care health insurance plan from Religare General insurance more suited for people looking for higher amount of cover may be because of some specific health condition. Like any other health insurance plan it also helps the policyholder to cover for all medical expenses incurred due to injury, illness or accident. The plan offers a larger array of options in terms of health insurance cover ranging from as low as Rs.2 lac to 60 lacs .This higher amount of cover is most suitable for people buying their health insurance plan at an older age.

Key USP of Religare Care Health Insurance plan:

  1. There is no upper limit on age at which some body can enter into this plan unlike most available health cover plans, the maximum entry age is 60.
  2. There is no concept of loading under this plan.So even if one has raised a claim that doesn't leads to increase in the premium.
  3. There is a concept of auto renewal of cover during any policy term if the policyholder has already exhausted all the available cover under the plan without any extra cost being incurred by the policyholder.
  4. The policyholder or any other member as in case of family health insurance plan can avail free health care check ups from religare wellness centres all across the country.The best part this particular free service  is that it can  be accessed by policyholder and the same is not dependent on one’s claim history.
  5. People looking at getting treatment from outside India can also get covered under this. Unlike most other insurers the policy holder need to buy a different kind of health insurance plan to look after this specific need.
  6. Unlike any other health insurance plan which have fixed waiting period for all pre-existing health conditions but in case of Religare care health plan you always have an option to reduce the same which is an added advantage.

How Religare care health insurance works for the policy holder?

  1. The plan is very well available for individuals and families. Though it might seems to be a simple feature compared to what is offered by other insurers but as the policy facilitates for much higher amount of cover compared to most available plans from other insurer makes the  plan best suited family.
  2. .There is no entry barrier under plan and 91 days is the minimum under which a person can become a part of the plan and there is always an option of lifetime renewability
  3. The lowest amount of sum assured that one can ask for under this plan is Rs. 2 lacs and the highest possible cover is Rs.60 lacs
  4. People having an habit of not remembering renewal can look for this particular plan as there are multiple term options available ranging from 1 year to 3 years.
  5. There is no concept of copay for policyholders who have opted for cover of any amount subject to the condition that one of an age less than 60 . Co-pay of 20% of the claim amount is only triggered only if the person’s age is of 60 years and above the sum insured applied for is more than 5 lacs or above.
  6. In case pre-existing diseases the maximum waiting time under this plan is four years.

What is covered and how much is covered in Religare Care Health Insurance Plan?

  1. All inpatient care related hospitalization cost are covered to the fullest with any limits.
  2. All day care treatments even if his doesn’t involves a 24 hour hospitalization period is covered to the fullest.
  3. There are no limits on the ambulance charges which is a common phenomenon in case of most available health insurance plans in the market today.
  4. In case if the insured is suppose to go a through a domiciliary treatment before getting hospitalization , the cost incurred during this period is wholly covered subject to the condition that the same has occured 3 days before the original hospitalization happened.
  5. In case the policyholders has exhausted the total sum assured way before the term of the policy ends , the policyholder can avail a benefits of auto top up for that particular term without paying any extra cost.This particular auto top up can only be availed once in one policy term.
  6. In case the policyholders needs to health treatment in any of the medical facilities available here outside Indians borders , the same is completely covered under this health insurance plan without paying an extra but the claim is always settled through the reimbursement mode. No cashless facility is available in case of international treatments.


Thus looking at the above set of features and value propositions offered under Religare care health insurance plan it is better for people who are doing their insurance planning at a much older age.Though the paying premium at an younger age leads to lower premium but one has to keep in mind that at an early age one might not be able to enjoy all the benefits associated with under this plan. The plan is more suitable for family floater requirements and in case one has taken the a term of more than one year and if the number of members under this plan is more than or equal to two , the policyholder can also available discount on their premium.

Buy and Renew Religare Care Health Insurance Plan :

Though the plans looks very efficient and lucrative but it is always advised to do a online comparison of various health insurance plans available from different insurers before deciding upon a particular plan. Comparison of insurance plans before finalizing any plans always helps the policyholder to Buy Religare Care Health Insurance Plan and get the right amount of value against the premium the policyholders will pay that particular policy.