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Star Health Family Health Insurance Plan Reviews And How To Buy Online

Star Health Family Health Insurance Plan Reviews And How To Buy Online

Star health and Allied Insurance is one of the first standalone health insurance companies in the country which started its operations in 2006.As per HT-Mars Survey it is rated as one of the best health insurance companies in the India which is very prompt in claims settlement.Star offers a bouquet of health insurance plans catering to both generalized health requirements and specific medical problems.Plans of Star health covers a whole array to policyholder requirement with separate plans being offered for both individuals and family.

Star Family health insurance  plan also known Star health family Optima.The plan is believed to one of the cheapest in its category but as smart policyholder we should always keep in mind while buying or renewing health insurance plans price should not be the only parameter. We know that we are in a world where there are no free lunches so everything has a price attached to it.A plan that fits to your current health requirement and future needs is the most apt plan to look into. Experts always advise policyholders to do an online comparison of health insurance plans from different insurers before they decide upon a particular plan.


  1. The claim process is really quick under this plan. The policyholder is not required to get into the hassle of reporting everything to a third party agency and then wait for the insurer to respond to it.All claims are directly settled by the insurer which makes the claims settlement process very faster.
  2. Plans offers one of the biggest network of cashless hospitals which makes the process very easy for policyholders even in smaller towns and cities also.There are around 7500 registered hospitals in its cashless network.
  3. The plans offers a comprehensive cover for reproductive treatments and newly born with very less waiting period makes it an opt plan for newly weds.
  4. The policy also covers hospitalization and medication cost of day care treatments and domiciliary hospitalizations.
  5. Plans also has tied to various health care facilities in which the policyholder can get free health check up for every claims free year.
  6. Another best part is that in case of organ transplants the plans covers most part of it. Cases of liver transplant are very common this days because of undisciplined life style , this particular feature makes the life of the modern day policyholder very easy.
  7. The plan also cover ambulance charges without any cap and this also include services of air ambulance also which one might require when trapped in location which has no or less access to health care services.


Most policyholders in India complain about their insurer of getting their claims rejected though it  might not be a mistake ,either of the policyholders or the insurer. It is always recommended to look into the fine print of any policy before getting into a health insurance contract with insurer.Since these terms and conditions contains a lot of financial jargons so people tend to avoid them. To avoid people making this mistake we have listed below some important terms and conditions of Star family health optima plan which are important for policyholders looking to buy a star family health insurance plan :

  1. We should understand that under this plan there is cap on the hospital room rent which defines the amount which a policyholder can claim against this particular cost.The maximum rent coverage under this plan is Rs.4000 making this plan a bit unattractive value proposition though there are other superstar benefits attached with the plan. Going by the better known plans offered by other insurers with respect to this particular conditions, as per industry standards this is generally 2% of sum assured and generally there is no cap under the best plans.
  2. The entry age under this plan is 18 but the cover ceases post 60 years of age.This proposition can make a lot of policyholder uncomfortable towards applying for this plan.As we all know that health insurance is always needed at an older age and what if a policy which stops covering us after 60 years of age.
  3. Another important factor is at that there is a cap on the amount of cost that would be covered post hospitalization .The cap is generally 7% of post hospitalization cost incurred or Rs.5000 or whichever is less.
  4. With all these limitations the best thing the plan offers that the minimum sum assured that is offered under this plan is Rs.100000. For families who already has employer health insurance in plan can opt for this plan to fulfill their shortfall.
  5. The policy offers a copayment option of 20% which any body can opt for to reduce their premium if the policyholder has a done a good amount of financial planning for his/her family for health related emergencies.

Family health insurance plans are always better tools for planning one’s finances well. Plus the floater options this plans offer makes the usage of the plans very flexible for all the members of the family.But one thing we should keep in mind while taking a family health insurance plan is that don’t include your parents as members of the plan in which you, your wife and your kids are part of . Insurers charge you a premium based on the age of the eldest member in plan and plus your parents would always have higher health requirements compared your own health insurance.You can always opt for a senior citizen policy in which your parents can be a part of and if they are much older you should always opt for separate plans for father and mother respectively.

Star family health plan would is one of the good plans available in the industry today as it is being offered by a standalone health insurer but one should always compare plans offers by other insurers to make a right decision. You can also buy and renew you star family health insurance plan online which simplifies the decision making process more.