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Why Health Insurance Is Important For The Women In The House?

Why Health Insurance Is Important For The Women In The House?

In today’s Indian society contribution of women to the overall societal and economic development has changed. Women are no more just stay home mothers anymore , their role in running the affairs of an Indian family have changed dramatically. They now go hand in hand with male members of the family in terms of generating wealth for the family. We also need to understand the stay home mothers or women in our family also have a large economic value for the family even if they are not working.


Women have always been a great contributor to the overall well-being of the family. She has always been the inner link who binds the various members of the family and in this endeavor they generally miss out to take care of their own health. It is the responsibility of the other members of the family to take this issue very seriously. Single women, stay home mothers, married women and working women all require the right amount of health insurance cover and ignoring can be quite disastrous.


At present, some health insurance providers have started offering the specific health insurance plans for the women in the house. To look at few

  1. Health insurance for women-specific diseases like breast cancer, uterine cancer, fallopian tube cancer, cervical cancer, vaginal cancer, and ovarian cancer.
  2. Health insurance plans covering maternity cost.
  3. Personal accident cover for women
  4. Pre- and post hospitalization cost coverage for critical illness
  5. Support of livelihood benefit in case of accidental death.


Let’s try and understand why health insurance is important for women and what benefits they should look into:

  1. As women, an important role in the family either she is a home woman or office lady and she also has an economic value attached to her. From this very perspective adequate health insurance cover for women is very much important.
  2. Women should also look at starting their health insurance plan at an early age. Like any other policyholder starting early has its own benefits in terms of low-cost premium.
  3. In a country where the health cost inflation is one of the highest in the world women should always look at buying an adequate health insurance cover.
  4. Likewise, male taxpayers, if the women in the house contribute to the family’s income she can also tax benefits under section 80D.The limit of Rs.25000 is also applicable for women taxpayers also.
  5. Looking at the health condition it is always seen that women always have a higher life expectancy compared to their male counterparts so having a health insurance plan well suited to their needs is very much important. This helps them and their family in handling medical emergencies in a much better and efficient way.