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why heart disease related health insurance is becoming more important?

Why Heart Disease Related Health Insurance Is Becoming More Important?

Some of the astonishing facts released by WHO in it’s report shows an higher propensity of Indians getting their first heart attack at a very early age. Compared to Europeans an average Indian generally gets his/her first attack during the age of 50 and the survey even shows at least 25% of Indians get their first heart attack at the age of 40. The rise of heart related problems in rise during due to uneven lifestyle, bad work hours and improper eating habits.and this calls for higher demand for health insurance solutions to handle any financial emergency arising out it.


Any heart disease which is at a curable stage calls for higher spends on hospitalization ,medicine and doctoral advisees and when we see the same from the point of view of covering the same with your already existing comprehensive health plan may be an impossible thing in most of the cases.In recent few health insurance companies have started offering health insurance plans specific to heart diseases.All these plans come with twin cover benefits , they not only cover health related cost in case of occurrence of an emergency  but they also provide an added term cover which in case of death the benefits are given to the dependents.


With rising occurrence of heart related disorders and rising cost of heart related treatment has lead to a rising demand for heart related health insurance . All heart related health insurance plans are actually long term plans with policy term of 10/15/20 years with a maximum of 75 lacs of sum assured under a single plan. Some insurance players have also launched dual benefits plans which covers both heart related and cancer related ailments under a single plan. Cancer related ailments is also on rise.Going by the WHO data most of the cancer related ailments are repercussions of diabetes ,which is again one of the most popular lifestyle disorders among Indians.Compared to 2000 data the number of Indians suffering from diabetes have actually doubled by 2013 taking the number to 63 millions.This added benefit of the heart related health plans makes it most have to products for most Indians.

All heart related health insurance plans are generally reimbursement plans which means they don’t offer any cash less facility .Compared other comprehensive plans which have lot of sub-limits on various type expenses , heart plan don’t have them making it is a very useful plan for the policyholders.Though all these heart related plans are gaining a lot of popularity and people are a getting a lot of benefit from them but it is always that one should look at the terms & conditions of any policy before they buy one. Online health insurance comparison plans can be looked as one of the smart ways to do it and get the highest benefit.