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All About Ayush Health Insurance Cover Online My Insurance Bazaar

All About Ayush Health Insurance Cover Online-My Insurance Bazaar

A gradual shift been seen among Indians and people all around the world towards medical treatments through different method of alternative medicine and one of the reason being all these methods are referred as natural and have less side effects. Another reason towards this shift is mainly guided by some recent success stories of Alternative medicine being able to help people get rid of chronic diseases like cancer and asthma. There are various forms of alternate treatments methods that are being followed today ranging from ayurveda to, yoga, unani, siddha and even homeopathy.

Today one of the main challenges for people opting for all these forms of medical treatments is that most of these forms of medication are not covered under your regular health insurance policy. There are a few insurers which provide this as an additional cover which is technically called the Ayush cover and for which the person has to pay some extra amount. Though Insurers are seeing a rising demand for Ayush cover but still nothing been proactive done in this direction. Even though the Insurance regulator, IRDA has asked to include the same as part of the regular cover and but till date it has not been made mandatory.

The traditional health insurance industry plans are solely made on standardization of treatment method but which is not possible in case of alternate medicine. There is technically no specific treatment protocol in this case though today some of big hospitals brands have started offering alternate medicine as a part of their holistic service. The modern allopathic mode of medication is based on standard system of symptomatic treatment of medicine so it is easy for health insurance companies to offer plans for them but non standardization makes it a challenge for health insurance plans to include Ayush cover as a part of the regular cover and the customer is forced to buy it as an add-on.

What Ayush health plan covers?

Under an Ayush cover medicine, dosage and course duration vary widely from practitioner to practitioner though they are either part of pre or post hospitalization but chances of this covered is negligible but they do cover impatient hospitalization expenses as these form of treatment is becoming very popular for diseases like cancer and knee-jerk replacement

What the customer has to pay?

Since there are no specific plans in this case, the cover of Ayush treatment generally come here as an add-on .Under all these plans the customer is entitled for all the usual benefits for treatment if they go through the regular mechanism but in case the plan holder opts for alternate medicine or what you call an Ayush Add-on he /she titled for some amount of claim for expenses incurred under it. In majority of plans which are available today the policyholder generally pays at least 10% extra over and above the regular premium for this specific add-on.

The insurance industry is trying to make efforts in these directions and soon there might be different plans available for this form of treatment or they would be included under a regular plan and the policyholder doesn’t need to pay an extra. Though the plans available in the market are less but if you require one do an effective comparison online buying a health insurance Plans.