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Reason why insuring your child health is important?

Reason why insuring your child’s health is important?

Changing lifestyle patterns have led to lot of people losing discipline in life. Though the availability of healthcare is abundant today but still people in our generation are not so healthy compared to earlier generation. Early infection to malicious diseases at an early age in now a common phenomenon. With this changing paradigm health and lifestyle health insurance is no more a product just for the elderly even your children needs it. With health insurance inflation hovering around 15% in last few years, not having a health insurance is actually very risky. Though health insurance being a financial protection product, people generally ignore the fact that having a health insurance policy for the children of the family is equally important.


The fact which nobody can’t ignore in today’s life is the medical emergency can anybody and anytime irrespective of any age. Though people are an elder age are more prone to health issues naturally but let’s not deny the fact that the younger children are not safeguarded in any sense. In fact medical treatment of children always require special expertise and needs special treatment and care due to variety of reasons. Let’s understand the fact why child health insurance is very important for your child:


  1. Child at an younger age have very weak immune system which limits their power to fight vulnerable diseases. Due to this fragile they always need more specialized and extra health care.
  2. Children have a high propensity to contract to diseases compared to adult. They often get in contact with other children during play and study who are already suffering from communicable diseases and as they are not so mature the same get more easily contracted by diseases. They tend to not eating health and hygienic food all the time. They are even more vulnerable to physical strain a lot due to sporting activities they get into. So at this particular age the child is more prone to health emergencies merely because of the occupation which requires the need for having an effective health insurance policy for the child member of the family.
  3. Children are also very prone to accidents due slower reflexes compared to grown ups.Till the time they develop these reflexes they remain prone to these accident and diseases.

While children are always prone to illness and more susceptible diseases arising of a medical emergency at any point of time is a common phenomenon. They are always in the need of  specialized care from pediatrics and specific medical care and which involves also extra cost. Higher health care inflation can lead always lead to unknown financial insecurity which calls for the need of an effective health insurance policy for your child so don’t ignore it.