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Tata AIG Medi Prime Health Insurance Plan Review

Tata AIG Medi Prime Health Insurance Plan Review

Tata AIG Mediprime health insurance plan is one of the many health insurance plans offered by TATA AIG General Insurance. A company with more than 16 years of experience of operations in India with one of the best claim ratio in the industry is something comes an additional benefits with Medi-Prime policyholders. Easily accessible from the perspective of health emergency.The company claims to facilitate the policyholders with cashless facility within four hours from the time a critical health condition is reported with the insurer. The policyholder get highly facilitated for getting 100% cashless assistance so the hassle around co-pay is fully taken care of .


Quick takeaways about Tata Mediprime health insurance plan:

  1. While comparing the plan with its nearest competitor, the plan can be considered as one of the cheapest in its category.
  2. The plan is suitable for policyholders looking for both individual health insurance and family cover with policy term options of 1 year and 2 years. The 2 year plan is actually suitable for people who have an habit of forgetting to pay insurance premium on time .
  3. Minimum sum assured under this plan is Rs. 2 lacs which is quite in line with current pricing of health services People looking to start the process of building their health insurance portfolio, Rs. 2 lakh of cover is most apt amount to look for..On the other hand the maximum amount of sum assured for which a policyholder can apply under this plan is Rs. 10 lacs.
  4. By choosing a two year policy term, a policyholders can avail at least 5% discount in premium. On the other hand  family health insurance plan if the proposer of the policy aims to insure his/her family in which there is at least 3 members the discount of premium can be as high as 10% if a two year term period is selected.
  5. Generally there is no hassle of health check-ups while applying for this particular but if the proposer is of 45 years or above age then the person has to go through basic health check up.In case the proposal is accepted tata aig mediprime ensured reimbursement of 150% of the cost involved.


What is covered or what is not?

  1. A policyholder under Tata AIG Medi prime can be insured under 6 categories of sum assured amount .They are Rs. 2 lakhs / Rs. 3 lakhs / Rs. 4 lakhs / Rs. 5 lakhs / Rs. 7.5 lakhs and Rs.10 lakhs.
  2. All Inpatients treatments are covered without any sub-limits on specific category of expenses.
  3. Under Tata AIG Mediprime, the policyholder or the members under the plan can be covered for expenses involved in 30 days prior to hospitalization and 60 days post hospitalization. In case the insurer is reported about the hospitalization 5 days before the date  hospitalization , the policy holder can an additional benefits of extra 30 days in both pre and post hospitalization expenses getting covered under the plan.
  4. All domiciliary treatments under this plan are fully covered which is of course an additional advantage.
  5. In case if the policyholder has to go through day care procedure for treatment of a health conditions , the same is covered to the maximum of 140 days.
  6. In case of dental damage due to accident then it covered to the maximum of Rs.7000 if one has applied for a sum assured of Rs.5 lakh or above but in case of lower sum assured the amount is Rs.5000


Things that One should keep in mind

There are few things those which one should keep into mind if one is opting for Tata AIG Mediprime health insurance plan:

  1. One should remember that any pre existing health conditions  on the date of acceptance of contract between you and Tata AIG are not covered till you have not passed 4 years of policy term.
  2. One can’t raise a claim within 30 days of signing of the insurance contract between the policyholder and the insurer.
  3. Certain critical health conditions like arthritis , sinusitis , joint replacement etc requires a 2 years of waiting period before they are covered.


We all understand the important of having a health insurance plan and amount of cover for which one should get insured. Though above review of tata AIG Mediprime plan has all the important information based upon which one can take an informed decision but it is always advised to do an online comparison of health insurance before taking the final decision