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Motor Insurance Plans-Cash Less Or Reimbursement Which Is A Better Option?

When it comes to fair settlement of claims motor insurance policies generally come at the top of the list but we have to always keep in mind that 100% of your car insurance and motor bike Insurance generally mean that in a situation of claim then what you can expect is 60% to 70% of the damage to be settled and this is because of some standard exclusions under any policy.

When our vehicle gets damaged, people generally get confused about the right way –Cashless claims or reimbursement claims because in any situation you always need shed something out of your pocket but which is a better option which need to be judged.


In case if your insurance company offers cashless claim facility and you want to opt for the same then you need to visit to any of registered garages to get your repair of your vehicle done .A registered garage in the one which is part of the insurance company’s list of networked vehicle service stations which are spread across the length and breadth of the country. In a cashless claim, post completion of the repair work what you need to pay would be based upon exclusions mentioned in your policy document and rest would be directly paid by the insurance company to the garage.

One of the major advantage of the cash less claim of facility is that the owner don’t need to take any pain and responsibility .It would always the insurance company’s accountability to get the repair done and get it delivered at your place. The surveyor assigned to you as a policy holder would take care of the rest. But the major disadvantage is the time things take which involves a lot of paper formalities but you will never have the privilege of selecting your garage with which you are most comfortable with.

In case of car insurance the generally network list is much higher compared to two wheeler insurance and is most effective in car insurance claims.


In case your car or two wheeler is serviced outside the network of garages then in that case you can raise claims through reimbursement. You can get your vehicle repaired from a garage and mechanic with whom you are comfortable with and then sent the original bill to the insurance company for settling the claims. Once the details furnished by you to the insurance provider regarding the bills and what you had paid then the insurance company team would evaluate it based upon your furnished information and would pay the claimant accordingly.

The best part of the reimbursement claim mechanism is that you get your vehicle repaired right on time without waiting for the surveyor plus you can always save a lot on the cost of the repair will be always low compared to company registered garages. But always keep in mind that product replacement done during the course of repair may not be of equal quality as in case of registered garages which may not honored by the insurance companies. In a case like this then you share of pay might increase largely.

Based on these advantages and limitations of both options, it is extremely important that you conduct an appropriate research before giving your car to any garage and get the terms and conditions cleared from the insurance company’s representative before taking any act