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5 Great Reasons Why You Should Buy A Car Insurance Policy Online

In today’s world a lot of people are using online platforms to buy different kinds of product and services. A lot of the fashion stuff today is also bought virtually though you always need a perfect fit for the same so why not a car insurance policy?

 The major reason behind it is a lot of misconceptions surrounding the same regarding authenticity & reliability. One should be very clear that any insurance broker or an aggregator who is selling insurance online has to have an IRDA license similar to an offline broker or an advisor. You can even see their license numbers written in the footer of their websites as mandated by IRDA. Now looking at the reliability factor, this is another misconception why people don’t buy car insurance plans online. Doing a transaction online today is even been promoted by the Government of the country today and even offering incentives for it, so reliability is also no more a factor which should govern your decision to buy an insurance policy online.

But still if you are wary or reluctant about buying a car insurance plan online then you should better look into the benefits as discussed below

  1. It’s quite cheaper: The first and the foremost benefit of doing the same is it is quite cheaper. Most of insurance companies offer low premium rates because it involves less paper work and there are a lot of operational savings  also which is generally passed on to the consumer if he or she is buying plan online.
  2. Transaction is completely paperless: Getting into paperwork can turn quite tedious, buying a car policy offline requires you submit a lot of document to the insurer. On the other hand if you try doing it online, it is just few steps and the thing is done.
  3. Ease in decision making: Another important benefit buying car insurance online gives is that through any of the broker or aggregator website you can actually compare online car insurance policies at one go from different insurer. You just need to be very clear about what you require. But if you try doing the same through an offline process it is technically not possible and there are high chances that you end up buying a wrong product. So buying a car policy online eases the process of decision making.
  4. Easy, time saving and convenient : Buying a car policy online from the comfort of your home may be the nicest thing this has to offer. Doing it offline visiting insurance company offices, collecting document and then resubmitting it can be quite tiring process. Online makes the process much easier, you save a lot of time and at the end of the day it is higher satisfaction.
  5. Instant policy issuance:  Even if you do it on the eleventh hour then also you can get the policy issued then and there and the same get delivered to your registered email address by the insurer. You may fall in a situation where your car policy is expiring tomorrow and you need to travel outside. In a situation like this buying a car policy comes as real boon. It is just a few step process and the policy document delivered to you instantly from where you can just take a print out and carry on with your plans