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Better Steps To Make A Car Insurance Claim Procedure

As we all know that car insurance is a mandatory thing in India. Riding a car without insurance is a legal crime in the country and it attracts Rs.1000 of fine or three months of imprisonment and some even both. As a result of this car insurance is now the most sold insurance product in the country today but with the increase in the number of sales the claim numbers have also increased considerably. But to get your claim processed without any hassle you should look at following certain steps which can assure the processing fast and you don’t end up paying for things out of your pocket.

Few important steps which are very important from this perspective are listed below.

While making claims for your own car: if your car being damaged due to reasons which hold true as your policy contract you owe the right to raise a claim but there is definitive process to do it. The various steps involved are

  1. Before you take the car to the garage to get repaired you should submit the duly filled claim form with requisite documents with your insurance company. The format for claim form are either available on insurer’s website or you can collect the same from their branch office.
  2. Once notified to the insurer, the insurer’s surveyor would give a visit to the garage to analyse the situation and based upon which he/she would create a report. The same report would be used as a reference to settle the claim.
  3. In case the claim is cashless in nature your garage would informed about the amount of expense which the insurer would bear so that they can start the process of repair
  4. If in case the claim is reimbursement in nature you have to collect the bills and related documents concerned with the repair and the same has to submitted with the insurer so that they can process the reimbursement

If you should remember that notifying the insurer well in advance and keep all the bills intact is a mandatory thing so that the insurer can respect your claim.


If the claims have been raised by a third party against your car. Under your comprehensive car insurance plan there is part of the policy which take care of things like this called the third party cover. In case a claim like this arises the same has to be communicated to your insurance company and it is recommended that you yourself don’t try to get into some financial arrangement with the person. In case the claims raised through a legal notice you should submit the same with your insurer first.

Post that submit a copy of the driving license, your RC book and FIR copy (if filed by the claiming person) with the insurance company to process things forward. In case there is a need to legal advice or a lawyer has to be hired for settling things your insurer would be responsible for doing so on your behalf. Post all submissions and disclosures if the insurers feel that the claims made are justified the claims would be processed instantly


Making claim in case of stolen car. This may be the most typical case for your insurance company too though thefts are always covered under a comprehensive car policy. To get the claim processed one should look at following the below steps:

  1. The first step is to lodge a FIR with the police and submit the FIR report with the insurer.
  2. Post FIR submission you can ask to police for the Final report on investigation which again need to submitted with insurance provider.
  3. Post police’s investigation, a separate investigator will be hired by the insurer to do their part of the investigation. It is also recommended to support the insurer’s investigator at all stage so the he/she can file the right report.
  4. Now wait for the claim to be approved by the insurer and post that submit with RC book so that ownership of the car is transferred from your name to the insurer’s name
  5. Now you should submit the duplicate keys of the car to the insurer with the subrogation letter with notarized indemnity
  6. Once all the formalities are done, the insurer with no delays can reimbursement you the claim.

Following proper process during raising claims whatever may be the scenario ensures easy car insurance claim settlement and you can also expect larger part of the money is paid. In case if you have any issue at any point make yourself clear on all points before proceeding further.