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Do You Need An Engine Protection Add-On In Your Car Insurance Cover: Understand To Make A Fair Judgment

Your car’s engine is the most critical part and it is the most costly part if we consider in terms of repair. At times just having a comprehensive car policy does not serve all purposes where the add-on cover comes in play. Though adding an additional cover generally adds an extra amount of cost to the premium that you pay but in long run they can be great help and can help you save a lot of money in repairs. Engine protection is one the best add on cover mostly available with all comprehensive car policy options from various insurers. In a country where the road infrastructure is very up to the mark and pot holes and water logging is a common phenomenon in cities this particular add on cover comes a boon for policyholders.

What is covered under Engine Protection add on?

Typically speaking, this particular additional cover gives protection for   engine damages happening due:

  1. Leakage of lubricating oil
  2. Damage to gear box
  3. Water Ingression
  4. Hydrostatic lock

You if look at a regular comprehensive Car Insurance policy they generally don’t cover losses happening due to above mentioned reasons whereas the cost of repair is typically the highest in most of these cases. A dedicated Engine Protection addon cover is generally a savior in this case or otherwise you need to shed out huge amount of money even if when you already having a comprehensive cover.

Insurance plans with Engine protection add on cover:

  1. Bajaj Allianz Engine Protector Add On: if you opted for Bajaj Allianz Private Car insurance then you should also at adding with add on to. The best part of this offering from Bajaj is that they not only cover internal engine damages but also pays for the labor charge involved to repair.
  2. Bharati Axa Hydrostatic lock cover: Though it doesn’t cover all possible damages but is cover Hydrostatic lock which is one of common reasons behind engine damages. The cover is available for a period of 5 years and covers both repair and replacement. Hydrostatic lock is a common phenomenon due water ingression into the engine. In case the engine is in a most state and the driver tries to start the engine then hydrostatic locks happens to engine which means the engine get jammed
  3. HDFC Ergo Engine and Gear box protection :  Though this is just an add on cover but the way it covers engine damages make it work like a comprehensive cover of your car’s engine. Engine issues arising due gear box break down and water ingression are not cover but engine damages due to accident is also cover. This adds on features also help you to cover the cost repair of engine also.

  Looking at the broader cover this add on features adds to a comprehensive policy makes it the most things to consider while buying car insurance online or offline even though you end up paying a bit extra .Different insurance providers value the risk associated with engine is different so the cost for this cover may change in accordance with insurance company so it is always advisable to compare before you buy one.