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Few Things Keep In Mind To Make Easy Renewal of Your Car Insurance Policy

In today’s world car insurance renewal is no more a complex task to perform. As tricky as it sounds with the development in the insurance industry and new regulatory changes brought in by the regulator has made the process easier. Now with a click of a button you can not only renew you insurance policy with the old insurer but also if you want to switch to a new one you can also do the same very easily. The newly available convenience brought in by insurers and insurance advisor going online not only made the renewal process but also taking a new car policy has also become easy task to do. Other than that Renew Online Car Insurance Policy and purchase also gives an opportunity to every to compare between offerings of various insurers very easily based upon your need but it also lead to huge savings for the customer also.

Before we proceed further one thing that need to be keep in mind is that third party insurance cover is the minimum mandatory requirement under car insurance as per Indian law if you are owning a car or any four wheelers and driving it on Indian roads.

Though the process of renewal has become hassle free but to avail this you need to keep few things in mind:

Always do timely renewals:  Once of the toughest thing in case of renewing your car insurance is to remember your car insurance renewal date. Though the problem has been taken care by insurance providers in case of two wheeler insurance policies by launching long term plan but nothing of that sort been done in case of car insurance. If in case you have forgotten the date you should notify the same to the insurer and fix an appointment for getting the car surveyed. Timely given notification will help you save money on renewal which otherwise you would have paid in case of an expired policy.

Keep your documents ready:  Do ensure that you always be ready with the documents relating to expiring policy with details of claims which you might have made otherwise so that insurer can give you the right benefits associated with No claim bonus. Other important documents which are important at the time of renewal are documents relating directly to the car like car manufacturer’s details, car model and brand details, car registration zone/city, RTO’s address and the first date of registration.

Online renewal: In the present context renewal also has become easy process because now you have opportunities to do the same online. With just a click of a button you can do it in a paperless mode. You just need to visit the insurer’s website and use the renew policy option to initiate the process. But before you hit the submit button you should look at the following details should be filled right which:

  1. Car policy number
  2. Registration details
  3. Details regarding the past NCB

You should doubly check these details and match the same with your hard copy before proceeding further. Even if during the renewal stage you are thinking of switching your insurance provider even then the same can do the same online. You can use insurance comparison website like where you can put the relevant detail regarding your car and get premium quotes from multiple insurers at one go. The best thing of doing a online comparison is that you can get a fair comparison with definite premium cost which if otherwise done offline would have been a hectic task.

Other than the three things mentioned above which you should always keep in mind during renewal , the best of part of doing it online makes easy to make payment for your premium. You can use a debit or credit card or even net banking to process the payment which makes the process super easy. The transaction becomes paperless and the policy document is also delivered as soft copy instantly to your registered email address. This saves you from not getting into the situation of riding an uninsured car.

If remembering renewal date is still a tough thing you can set reminders online in your insurers website or on the comparison website for Compare car insurance online policies which will automatically notify you about your upcoming renewals.