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IFFCO Tokia Online Car Insurance Plans: A Deep Analysis

IFFCO Tokia Online car insurance also called the IFFCO Tokia Auto Protector Plan like any other car insurance plan is meant to help policyholders to handle financial emergencies arising out of damage to private car. The policy is a comprehensive plan cover losses arising out own damage incidents and third party claims. Here the third party Car Insurance liability which the insurance company would bear on the behalf of the policyholder would be to a maximum of Rs.7.5 Lakhs where the liability risen, is in the nature of death of a person or damage to a third party property arising out of use of the insured vehicle in a public place.

Key Benefits of the IFFCO Tokia Car Insurance plan:

  • The claim settle process is very hassle free and you can access cash less garage facility across 2000 garage networks across the country
  • Has one of the lowest TAT in case of claims settlement in the industry because of online e-survey mechanism
  • 24x7 claims reporting and settlement mechanism
  • Provides with an unique 24x7 emergency assistance service with IFFCO Tokia Protector Coverage
  • Other set of unique coverage features can be accessed by applying for Value Auto Coverage by paying a minimum cost.

Common things which the policy cover by default:

  • Loss or damage to the insured vehicle due to fire and ,explosion and self ignition
  • Financial damage happening due to acts of nature like flood, inundation, typhoon, hurricane etc
  • Financial loss due burglary or theft of the insured car
  • Damage happening due to malicious or terrorist activities, accidental external damage and damage while in transit

Additional Coverage benefits: Other than the regular coverage which is part of the regular Car Insurance Plan you can opt for additional cover at a very lower cost and which can be used to customize the plan as per your need.

  • Personal accidents cover for insured owner driver to a maximum of Rs.2 Lacs and also third party passengers.
  • The insured owner driver can claim for additional reimbursement fee to a maximum of Rs.1500 following accident of the insured car for protection/removal /towing and re-delivery of the car.
  • Can get additional legal liability coverage for driver/conductor
  • Damage incurred by the vehicle due to participation is rallies

Premium that you pay for the plan: The premium is calculated on the basis of the insured’s declared value of the car which is computed on the basis of manufacturer’s listed selling price inclusive of accessories after appropriating the depreciation as per the age of the vehicle. Before deciding upon the policy you should look at the discount which IFFCO Tokia offers in case:

  • In case you are Member of Automobile Association
  • Already an anti-theft mechanism is installed in the car
  • When you have opted for a higher voluntary participation when the claim arises
  • Existing No Claims Bonus of the existing plan if any

IFFCO Tokia is always a better and cheaper solution when you are looking at car insurance for your private car but it always advised to do an online comparison using available tools like Car insurance premium calculator with other plans available from other insurance providers