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Is Your Car Insurance Ready For This Year’s Monsoon?

I suppose nobody would forget the heavy rains which flooded the city of Chennai last year which lead to huge loss of physical asset and similar was the story of Mumbai in 2005. I remember working with company during the Mumbai floods there when we were not able to go back to our homes for two days and my car was drowned in the parking lot. The loss I had to bear during that time was huge and even my insurer also rejected some part of my claims which arose out of damage which happened to my car during those floods

The lessons learned during Mumbai floods has lead me to always stay prepared ahead of monsoons but are you ready for that ?

Things you should avoid in rainy season:

  1. Prefer keeping the car AC off while driving through water logged roads and when your car is stopped in stagnant water. The AC vent can be vulnerable and bring water in your car.
  2. If your car breaks down, avoid cranking it. It can cause huge damage to the car’s engine if the water ingresses into the system.
  3. If your car is already drowned in water don’t try to start the engine. A moist engine if allowed to start can cause serious damage and will completely the block the engine.
  4. Avoid using centralized locking for closing the car doors.

How your car insurance policy can help?

Comprehensive car insurance can be lot helpful in a case like this but make sure it always renewed in advance. Though it is always tough for you to predict a natural calamity ,today it can huge floods in your city or tomorrow it can be an uprooted trees on the road due to winds and all these are very common in rainy season so you should better be prepared with the right kind policy.  When you are preparing for rainy season you must also keep in mind that most of the policies don’t cover electrical parts and engine damage you always require an extra add on cover which can be of great. 

Due to water logged road and stagnant water on road the chances of engine damage is the highest and repair cost for the same is also the most. To keep away yourself safe from situation like this you should always opt for Engine Protection add on cover over and above the basic policy. Though the add on cover would cost you bit more on premium but it is a real savior in monsoons. Few insurance plans from Bharti Axa, Bajaj Allianz and HDFC Ergo due provide this specific add on which are respectively called as Bharti Axa Hydrostatic lock addon, Bajaj Allianz Engine Protection Addon and HDFC Ergo Engine and Gear Box protection . All these add ons comes as an extra feature with their plans for private car.  While doing an online comparison of car insurance plans you can select this particular add on to evaluate the new premium.

Other than taking specific steps so that you don’t fall in situations of car damage in these rainy seasons it is always advisable to have the right policy in place. Now car insurance companies also provide road assistance facilities also which is helpful service in monsoons.