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Online Car Insurance Plans For Maruti Car Owners

Maruti cars are the most favored choice for most Indian 1st time car buyers. The brand provides a comprehensive network of service stations and most competitive and cheap long term maintenance makes it the most favorable brand in India.

Unique Features Of Maruti Brand Of Cars & Suvs:

  1. Fuel efficiency: Maruti cars are known for their fuel efficiency .Indian driving conditions and rising fuel cost make Maruti a favorable brand for all Indian consumers
  2. Good service: Maruti service network is very wide covering wider part of the country with close to 576 dealership centres,1426 service stations and 30 express station make it very helpful for consumer to access services very easily
  3. Less expensive: Not only Maruti cars and SUVs are priced very well but also  the cost of parts and repair is also very low so people prefer Maruti as a brand most.
  4. Most extensive variants: Maruti cars models are available across all the consumer segments with close to 3 to 4 variants in every segment gives customer a wide range of choice.

Best Insurance For Maruti Cars & Suvs:

As we know that Maruti offers wide range of variants across all consumer car segments then insurance needs also becomes more specific .Other than the regulatory requirement for Insurance for car drivers , car insurance which every Maruti car owners should look into should be comprehensive in nature. The common brands variants for which maruti car insurance is available are:

  1. Alto 800
  2. Alto K10
  3. Wagon R 10
  4. Celerio           
  5. Stinray
  6. Ritz
  7. Swift
  8. Ciaz
  9. Dzire
  10. Omini
  11. Eeco
  12. Etriga
  13. Gypsy
  14. The Recently launched Grand Vitrara

Factors To Be Considered For Buying Maruti Car Insurance : 

Finding the best Car insurance Policy for your Maruti car depends on a lot on your driving behavior and how you maintain your car. You should first of all look for a comprehensive cover for your car which help you claim for most of the cost happening due to accident plus the third party benefits where in case a third party asset getting effected due to your car and the claims arising from it is also covered largely so that you don’t need to shed money from your pocket.. Always look for exclusions which mean things which your policy will never cover. Body parts made from plastic and fiber and similar other things don’t fall of any coverage offered by insurance. You ca n also cover your depreciation cost too in the first five years of the purchase of the policy.

Finding a the most effective policy for your Maruti car would lot depend on the year of purchase and manufacture plus the variant of the car. You can also save a lot of money by also availing discount like the no claim bonus which can give you discount upto 50% of your premium,

How Can My insurance Bazaar Can Help?

My Insurance Bazaar is online insurance broker and has tie up with also insurance partners offering car insurance for Maruti cars and SUVs. It quite comparison tool can help you compare between various offerings in the market so that you can put your money into the right plan which suits your need. In case of claims we offering services to help you negotiate with your insurance partners so that larger part of your claims can be settled

Buying the right Maruti car insurance needs you do a bit of research on what is available and what is effective. The Maruti car insurance premium calculator can not only empower you to select the right product but help you buy online.