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What Should You Do If your Car Insurance Documents Are Lost?

This may be a common and can happen to anybody. Let’s understand things by understanding the case of Mr. Raman. Your should remember that the car insurance documents are a mandatory things to raising claims also and when even the RTO has the right to claim to see the documents when required so it is an important thing to be kept in mind.

Raman recently renewed his car policy and while travelling outside with his family on a holiday the car insurance documents some got lost. But he noticed the miss happening only after the family returned from their holiday. Now the challenge before the Raman is to get the duplicate policy document issued asap. He called his insurance company for help regarding the lost document they suggested him to file a FIR first and submit the non congressional report from the police station along with the request for issuance of duplicate document. After thorough verification Raman’s insurance provider issued him the duplicate copy of the car insurance policy.

Raman’s case might be seem to very easy task but the condition may vary from insurer to insurer and can ask for more documents to proof your claim of lost document and you can be asked to pay a fee even for the release of the duplicate copy. So to understand the process further you should know the standard process which the insurance industry follows. You may follow the steps given below to reduce your chances of falling into various hassles associated with issuing a duplicate copy of your car insurance policy

Step 1: Submit an application: Make sure that you should first the application first and to notify your insurer of the issue. The best way to do it is that your application should some contain some basic information of your policy number, proposer full name, date of insurance and the type of the cover .In case the initial application was jointly done by somebody make sure that duplicate document request should have the signature of both the applicants. In most cases the insurance company also expects you to submit the copy of the FIR along with the request application. So you should always take the non congressional report from your police station once you have filled the case of missing document.

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Step 2: Publish an advertisement: In case of some insurers they expect you to post an advertisement regarding the lost document with the local newspaper also. So while filling the request application you should also submit the copy of the advertisement which you have got published.

Step 3: Indemnity bond: While making a request for duplicate document it is mandatory to sign up for a indemnity bond. An indemnity bond is generally executed on a non judicial stamp paper of appropriate value. The indemnity bond should have the details of the policy with all minute elements and also the details of the proposer. You can add more credibility to the indemnity bond by adding two witnesses to the bond who are not your family members. Make sure that you submit the indemnity bond along with request letter to the insurance company

Though the process of filling request for duplicate document is a easy process but you should always keep in mind the above steps because things may vary from one insurer to another