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 Which Car Is Best To Buy Petrol Or Diesel?

Everybody has their own preferences and there is also quite difference in opinion about selection of a particular variant but if we try evaluating on financial ground things might look bit different. Though we all know that car insurance premium is largely dependent on the insurance declared value of the motor vehicle but car variant as a factor also has an important role to play.

Now let evaluate the basic question of which one to buy based upon financial factors .Till date people been biasing their opinion on cost of fuel when there was a huge difference between petrol and diesel cost but in today’s world when the differential is minimal there are other factors which need to be look into:

  1. The first and foremost thing to look into the ex-showroom price. Right from the starting diesel cars are dearer than their petrol variants and the difference is quite substantial.
  2. Considering the insurance premium cost, though the cost of premium keeps on depreciating with increased period of usage but insurance companies always evaluate diesel cars as more risky and which leads to a higher IDV and higher premium.

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  1. If you are considering funding your purchase with an auto-loan you might also end paying a higher interest cost. Though in most cases the initial down payment may be same for diesel and petrol cars but auto loan companies always charge a higher cost of interest on diesel cars.
  2. The fourth most important factor where actually diesel cars lead is the mileage. In case of an average petrol car the general mileage is always in the range of 15 km per liter and this where most diesel cars lead which always have an average mileage of 20 km per liter
  3. Cost of consumables is an important factor while considering long term usage of the vehicle. The cost of service ,spare parts and battery is always higher in case of diesel cars .In fact in case of accidental repairs the claim ratio for car insurance plans for diesel cars is also low compared to it petrol variants making diesel cars more expensive for future usage.
  4. Another final factor to consider is the road tax, authorities generally levy a higher cost in case diesel cost.

So the bigger picture while making decision is not just the fuel efficiency or cost of fuel but the decision needs to evaluate on money terms. Higher costs of car insurance premium, higher depreciation etc are factors to be considered in detail especially when you are looking to buy the car for personal use. For insurance you can still control the cost because online comparison of insurance plans can give you fair idea and give you lot of savings but for the final decision on which one to buy should also consider factors which can lead to long term affordability.