Buying Travel Insurance While Travelling Within The Country, Is It A Viable Decision To Make?

You might see this as checkbox in most travel websites which says “ Do Want to Add Travel Insurance to it ? “ even when you are booking a flight to a domestic destination or buying a domestic travel package.Though this might just add an extra hundred rupee currency note to the overall cost but people tend to uncheck the option.Plus since there is no regulatory mandate for buying a travel insurance policy for domestic travel similar to international travel , people tend to ignore it.

What discussed above might be a common phenomenon for all those who are reading this article right now but if we say that extra hundred rupees is worth of an investment to make. A domestic travel insurance in fact entails all the benefits which you enjoy in an international travel insurance plan but with a less cost.It serves the same purpose which your international policy would service. It covers most forms of financial losses expected during the period of travel.

Let’s try demystifying the benefits associated with domestic travel insurance plan which can help one understand the value around investing just few hundred of bucks into a travel insurance plan while making your next domestic trip.

Medical emergency cost borne: Like any other international travel insurance plan, your domestic travel policy can also compensate for accidental medical cost which may arise during the period of travel. You might argue that you already have a medical plan in place but this extra help by your travel plan can save much to medical plan benefits which otherwise can be used for more critical cases. 

Problems arising for lost or delayed baggage: This is something which a lot of Indians might find connection with.Theft during a journey of whatever nature  is something common to a lot of Indians.Financial losses might look very meagre in this case but ask the person who has faced a situation like this. You domestic travel insurance plan can give a quite relief in this case by compensating for financial losses happening due to an event like this.


Cover for trip cancellation: You might not get compensated for the missed flight here but there are always chances of your planned family trip getting cancelled due to unforeseen reasons. A lot of people might connect to a similar event which happened two years ago when lot of families across India might had to cancelled their planned trip to Uttaranchal trip because of unseasonal floods. An effective domestic insurance can become a real boon in this case.

Cover for third party expense: Though this is something new as a feature for the travel insurance industry.but recently a lot of insurance companies have started offering third party cover in their domestic travel insurance plan.This cover is quite similar to a third party cover offer under a car insurance policy. A lot of travellers might connect to the benefits associated with having this particular cover in one’s domestic travel policy especially they are travelling with children.