Things you know about Loss of Baggage which is part your travel insurance plan

People might have come across horror stories of how an international holiday plans with your family can turn upside down because the checked-in baggage got lost or they are misdirected to a different destination or even there are cases of baggage delays which might have kept you from waiting you in the airport and loosing your next connecting flight. These are most common problem which people face while travelling internationally.

The question is now do you have travel insurance to handle a situation like this. Other than medical cover there is a list fifteen of forms of losses which are covered under your travel insurance plan.Loss and delay in baggage is one of them but the challenge is nothing come free. The premium that you have paid towards you travel insurance contains an element of cost which is responsible for handling financial losses related to loss or delay of baggage. Plus like any other insurance plan, your insurer puts in some sub limits on this particular type of cover also. You should always read the fine print of your policy to understand it better and that can be one of the way to buy the best travel insurance while buying one.

Some key things one should look into in case of Loss of baggage cover which is part of travel insurance plan are :

  1. You should understand only the checked-in baggage is covered under your travel insurance plan. Remember that your cabin baggages are not covered if you lose it during your flight.
  2. Baggage losses are not covered under it happens during a flight to the international destination you are going. In case you lost your while returning back to India the same is never covered by your insurer.
  3. Baggage delay is actually a necessary phenomenon. Once you have checked in your luggage before boarding your flight there is no guarantee that your baggage would go in the same flight on which you are going. Because of this specific reason baggage delay is the new normal for international flights. Though travel insurance would cover for any financial loss that happened because of baggage delay but you should know it is only covered if the baggage delay is for a period more than 12 hours.

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Other than the above getting your claim for the baggage loss is also bit tricky, your insurer may ask for original bills of clothes and essentials stuffs and they generally don’t give you lump sum reimbursement which is again a tough scenario