How To Find The Best Travel Insurance In 2018- Thing Keep In Mind Before Buying Any Plans

We think most people who at least travel internationally are quite aware of the benefits of buying a travel insurance plan. In fact people travelling to countries like United states and those part of the European union are quite acquainted with the fact that visa is only also issued to those if they have a have travel insurance policy in place. Emergencies like medical or theft of luggage or passport etc arising while travelling outside can sometimes become very painful. One should that their domestic health insurance plan becomes ineffective outside the border. On the other hand in case of theft of luggage and passport the situation can become more worrisome.

Though most travelers understand the benefits of having travel insurance plan but selecting the right one from the whole array of offerings from various insurers is a tough game to crack for a layman. Every plan has it own inclusions and exclusions and to judge them on the basis of cost benefit analysis associated with it is critical geek to comprehend.

So if you have plans to travel in 2018, check out common exclusions associated with any travel insurance plan for family or travel insurance plans for individual be it from any insurer based upon which one can judge a plan

  1. Pre-existing illness or health conditions: In case the person travelling is also succumb to certain health hazards and has a medical history around it. Insurer would generally reject a claim raised against it. A travel insurance plan would generally cover medical emergencies which are more incidental to the travel. Like the policyholder meets an accident during the period of travel, the medical hazards associated with it will be definitely covered under the travel insurance plan. Even case relating to pregnancy is also not covered under a travel plan.
  2. Dental treatments: Travel insurance don’t cover the regular dental check-ups which the traveler might have go through during the period of travel. In case of acute dental treatment which arose due to any accident during the period of travel is only covered.
  3. Any self inflicted damage is not covered: Any medical emergency arising during the period of travel due to committing of suicide or injuring happening due to mental breakdown is also excluded from the list of things which the travel insurance would cover.
  4.  Adventure sports: There are list of adventure sports like bungee jumping, trekking etc which already an inherent risk has associated with it are also excluded under a regular travel insurance plan. Policyholders looking to travel to attend adventures sport or related activities are also advised to take additional riders offered by few insurer for this purpose.
  5. Natural adversaries which arose before the date of travel:  In case one is travelling to a place which is already inflicted by the natural calamity like flood , volcanic eruptions etc way before the date of travel, travelers are generally advised to travel in those conditions as any emergency arising in those situation are not covered under a travel insurance plan.
  6. Travel for medical treatment: One should keep in mind if he/she is travelling a country for getting a medical treatment then the same will never be covered under the travel insurance plan. It is always advised to opt for international medical insurance plan though offered by very small number of insurers is the right option to look for.

Even though a lot of people are aware of all the above mentioned exclusions but there are always chances of one’s claim getting rejected by the insurer..People should remember that in case of incidental emergency during travel in domestic trips or outside Asia one should first report the same to the insurer and then try to keep every possible document & bills which ones’ feels is very important from the perspective of the incidental emergency so that can reduce the claim rejection rate.