Is It Worth Spending On Travel Insurance Plan For Domestic Trips?

This is a common thing while booking for domestic flights or buying domestic travel packages from online travel portals you might find a tab travel insurance pre-checked which might just add Rs.200 to your travel cost . You generally don’t take the pain to ignore it and end you buying travel insurance with the same but do you think it worth spending that Rs.200?


In case of international travel though travel insurance becomes a mandatory thing for some geographies and looking at the risk involved it acts a real boon for you but do you think a similar kind of value is there when you are looking the same in case of domestic travel. The domestic flight from Delhi to Goa which is hardly of two hour do you think it worth spending.


In any case insurance of any type help you financial risk associated with any kind of emergency and the same applies to travel to. Though it is tough to guess whether there would be an emergency even in case of travelling inside own country so one should look at travel insurance as an option. Domestic travel insurance can beneficial in many situations but existing plans available also come with certain limitations so you should also do a thorough evaluation before buying travel Insurance Plans one.


Let’s see what things can be covered by your Domestic travel insurance plans and try to understand the limitation before you make a decision to buy one next time.


What happens when you miss a flight? You might face a situation when while going to airport to catch your flight , you car might get damaged or the public transport might break down and you miss the flight. In a situation like your travel insurance becomes a boon , you actually can claim for reimbursement of the cost. Specially if in this situation when the ticket cost is non refundable as in case last minute booking and economy carriers then this particular reimbursement becomes very helpful.


Got ill during the course of travel. If you are not in your city and you fall ill during the course of travel the situation can be very troublesome for the rest of the members of the travel group.In case you have opted for a domestic travel cover when in situation if are supposed moved to a location for urgent medication your insurance provider would bear the cost in that case. Looking at another situation when you family might have moved to your location of medication for assistance some plans existing in the market today also bears the cost also.So in case of medical emergency it becomes a money save and in case the you health insurance cover is not enough then the cover from your travel insurance plan for Family can supplement that to give you peace of mind.


Needed extra accommodation due to flight delays or cancellation. Suppose you had to catch a flight from delhi and you stay in city close to delhi so in that case you had  travel from there to catch the flight. Now in case of flight delays or rescheduling of flights you might have to look for accommodation in Delhi. Though it is your carrier’s duty to provide you free of cost accommodation during this period but in case of popular lost cost carriers this is not possible. In this case the extra cost that you might have to pay for accommodation would be borne you travel insurance provider and this becomes an additional benefits for you.


What happens in case dismemberment or accidental death ? Though we don’t expect an emergency of this level would ever come while travelling inside country but you never know. In case of accidental death or dismemberment you loved can claims for losses though the amount paid as a claim may be much low compared to your life insurance plan but it is somehow helpful.


Though these benefits might not attract you so much but just at Rs.200 for a cover of say Rs.1 lacs for a 15 day trip might actually act helpful for you.This becomes very helpful in case non-refundable trips and the reimbursement given by your travel insurance provider can mitigate your loss largely. Infact now IRCTC has also started offering travel insurance for train journeys too. Thought eost involved is very low and also the benefits but in a state of emergency this can be very helpful and stop lot of your financial losses.