Is Travel Insurance Policy Is Only Meant To Cover You Lost Baggage?

There are a lot of misinterpretations around travel insurance plans .People travelling internationally largely buy travel insurance policies because of visa guidelines for most of the European and American nations.  The fact is true that travel insurance give coverage for financial loss happening due to loss of baggage during the course of travel but that is not just what is being insured under a travel.

There is a holistic range of things that are covered under a travel plan which includes issues during medical emergency, availability of cash in a foreign land in case of theft, cancellation of flight, delay in flights and various other scenarios which seem to cause financial loss to the policy holder are all covered under a plan. Let’s look at some specific scenario:

  1. Loss of passport: While travelling to a foreign land passport is an important document which proves your identity in a foreign country. Your passport also contains the details regarding the permission given to you by authority in terms of number of days you can stay in an international location. In case due in unfortunate event you face a situation where you passport might get lost can have to terrible consequences. When faced with a situation like this you can just call on the emergency number of your insurer, the insurer will not only insure that you get the duplicate passport delivered in the foreign land but will also insure that all cost incurred would be taken care by them
  2. Miss, Delayed or Cancelled flight: This may be a common phenomenon which may happen during travelling in the country also but to avail full benefit of the cover you need to insure that you buy the policy from the day you buy your flight ticket. There may be a situation where you might miss a flight because not been able to reach airport on time due to traffic but if your travel is insured the insurance company will definitely cover the cost of the ticket. Another most common scenario which is specific to international travel is delay and cancellation flight due some unforeseen reason. Though in a case like this the airline holds the responsibility to providing you all the facility during this period but in any case you are supposedly spend the same from your own pocket ,don’t worry your travel insurance provider is ready to bear that .
  3. Medical emergencies: So this is again a tough battle to fight in a foreign land. Surely in this case your domestic health plan will not to your help. Your travel plan has a feature which can help you handle an emergency like this. This is again very helpful because of cost of medical services is technically very high compared to India.  In this you can also get compensated for ambulance travel if you are supposed to be taken to the nearest medical facility and even if your family needs to travel from India to help you everything get covered under the medical cover of your travel plan.
  4. Emergency evacuation:  This is also a unique coverage which your insurer can offer under their travel plan. Say during political unrest or a terrorist attack or even due to medical emergency you are forced to deport yourself back to emergency in between your travel duration, the travel insurance plan which definitely cover all the financial losses arising because of this.
  5. Burglary at home: Say during the period of travel you home in India get looted or something mishap similar to that happens, some travel insurance plans also cover similar instances.

So technically speaking doesn’t get mistaken by the idea that travel insurance only cover your loss of luggage but it is more comprehensive in terms of insurance.  Even lot of travel portals combine travel insurance plans as a part of their travel package but you should always cautious about what you are buying. Preferably try using an online comparison portal to compare travel insurance plans from different insurers based on the location where you intend to travel and the motive behind your travel.  Since insurers provide you services in a foreign land through their foreign partners you should also look at providers in terms of their partner’s presence too.