Things To Look Into To Avoid Obstruction Of Online Claims In Your Travel Insurance

Most common things which people have been complaining about travel insurance policy arise because of issues relating to claims. People complain things like they have been promised something when they bought the policy but when the situation of claims arise the conditions becomes different.

To be sure that you also don’t fall under a similar trap here are some specific things that you should look into:

1. Cover for trip cancellation: All travel insurance products which are there in the market claim to cover your losses if there is trip cancellation. The condition as it looks is not technically the same that you perceive. Suppose you are business traveler and travelling to different countries is a part of your routine job but it doesn’t mean that if you have cancelled your trip because of business meeting here in India the same would be covered .There are specific situations under which the coverage of trip cancellation cover would work as listed below:

a) Sickness , injury or death which may be situations which may arise with you only

b) Sickness , injury or death of your family member or your travel companion,

c) Bankruptcy of your travel supplier

d) Flight cancellation by your airlines.

Make sure you that you understood this while taking the policy or to avoid this condition do look if your insurance provider provides you an option called “ Cancel for any reason” and you have applied for it while buying a travel insurance plan.

2. Coverage of existing state: The base idea of travel insurance was to give policy holders coverage for medical expenses in a foreign land where generally the domestic policies don’t work. If there is a pre-existing medical condition the insurance companies preferably don’t opt to cover them because the cost of medical coverage. The only way through which you can get a condition covered which has already been determined is to get a waiver for the condition .The conditions under which the waiver can be effective are:

a) You need to buy insurance soon after your first trip payment

b) You need to be healthy when you buy insurance

c) You to need to insure the full amount of your trip has been paid

So when you buy a travel policy make sure that it offers waiver to pre-existing condition exclusion subject to condition that you meet their requirement

3. General exclusions: Every policy document mentions what is called the general exclusions which are situations in which the insurance company would not cover the damages. For example your policy might be covering injuries happening in a foreign but it will never cover it if the cause of the injury is self infliction or happening due to adventure sports etc.

4. Enrolling for the policy late: Say in a case you enrolled for policy for going to a country which would go in a state of civil unrest and which is quite predictable by the time you enrolled for the policy .In a case like this the any coverage promised would not be effective. People generally enroll to policies just few days before travelling which is not at all advisable. In a case discussed above even in the state of flight cancellation you might not get the claim settled so it is always advised to buy a policy the day you might have bought your tickets so in case there is an emergency happening just before you start your actually travel ,the insurance company would always honor your claim.

Please always make sure that you follow the thumb rules before you buy a policy as explained above. The other thing that you need to keep in mind is to keep proper documentation. In case you are faced with an emergency situation .Do keep all the bills that you pay during this period so that it can furnished before the insurance company during the period of making claims