Travel Insurance: Understanding Things Which Your Travel Plan Might Not Cover

Don’t take anything for granted whatever your insurance agent tells you , one should always make the diligent effort to understand what is written in the contract document entered between you and your insurer .A proper understanding of what is written in the insurance contract help you understand the rights and benefits which you enjoy. So it is very important to understand that reading terms and conditions of the policy document is an important job before deciding upon a particular insurer’s plan.


Over the year online travel insurance Plans have facilitated the process of buying travel insurance and now there are lot of ways through which you can compare travel plans from different insurers at one go and understand what is right or wrong for you. There are a lot of myths around what is covered and what is not under your travel plan, many things which we take as granted might even form part of the generic cover of your policy. Any policy which charges a higher premium doesn’t mean that everything is covered understand.


Here is a list of top five things which are not covered under your travel insurance plan:

  1. ANY PRE-EXISTING HEALTH CONDITIONS: Though in every travel plan there is an in-built health plan attached but the same doesn’t cover any health emergency arising during the phase of travel. Emergency situations arising during the period of travel which accident or the policyholder fall prey of disease during the phase of travel is only accounted and is suitable to be claimed from your insurer
  2. TRAVEL FOR MEDICAL TREATMENT: If one is travelling to another country with the objective of getting a medical treatment, the hazards associated with it is never covered under your travel insurance plan. Like travel insurance for USA & Canada
  3. COMPLICATION ARISING DUE TO PREGNANCY OR CHILDBIRTH: If a person is travelling during the state of being pregnant , the same is not covered your travel plan. So one is stay well planned for it One should always gets a proper health checkup before one travels during this stage. Hospitalization cost arising due to miscarriage or abortion is never covered a travel insurance plan.
  4. NATURAL ADVERSARIES RISING BEFORE A POLICY BUYING DECISIONS IS MADE:  We all know that a travel insurance plan covers all harm that arise in case of unknown natural calamity arises in the location of travel. But in case the government has already issued red alert for a location that you are travelling and then any unforeseen emergency arising out of it is never covered.
  5. ADVENTURE SPORTS AND ACTIVITIES: If you are traveling to a location to pursue adventure sports, one thing that somebody needs to keep in mind is any emergency arising from it is never covered under the basic travel insurance for individual . In most obvious cases the travel insurers prefers not to do it but if you still want to get a similar emergency covered it is always advised to take an add on cover as provided  by a lot of insurer.

One should be very proactive about the above mentioned things  and always take a an analytics view of the exclusions and inclusions .Plus when you raise a claim under travel insurance plan you should be clear about and always should evolved in proactively supply the insurer which proper document to process your request