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Things you know about Loss of Baggage which is part your travel insurance plan

People might have come across horror stories of how an international holiday plans with your family can turn upside down because the checked-in baggage got lost or they are misdirected to a different destination or even there are cases of baggage delays which might have kept you from waiting you in the airport and loosing your next connecting flight. These are most common problem which people face while travelling internationally.

The question is now do you have travel insurance to handle a situation like this. Other than medical cover there is a list fifteen of forms of losses which are covered under your travel insurance plan.Loss and delay in baggage is one of them but the challenge is nothing come free. The premium that you have paid towards you travel insurance contains an element of cost which is responsible for handling financial losses related to loss or delay of baggage. Plus like any other insurance plan, your insurer puts in some sub limits on this particular type of cover also. You should always read the fine print of your policy to understand it better and that can be one of the way to buy the best travel insurance while buying one.

Some key things one should look into in case of Loss of baggage cover which is part of travel insurance plan are :

  1. You should understand only the checked-in baggage is covered under your travel insurance plan. Remember that your cabin baggages are not covered if you lose it during your flight.
  2. Baggage losses are not covered under it happens during a flight to the international destination you are going. In case you lost your while returning back to India the same is never covered by your insurer.
  3. Baggage delay is actually a necessary phenomenon. Once you have checked in your luggage before boarding your flight there is no guarantee that your baggage would go in the same flight on which you are going. Because of this specific reason baggage delay is the new normal for international flights. Though travel insurance would cover for any financial loss that happened because of baggage delay but you should know it is only covered if the baggage delay is for a period more than 12 hours.

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Other than the above getting your claim for the baggage loss is also bit tricky, your insurer may ask for original bills of clothes and essentials stuffs and they generally don’t give you lump sum reimbursement which is again a tough scenario

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 Advantages Of Multi Trip Travel Insurance Over Single Trip Travel Insurance

A single trip plan may quite beneficial and cost effective if you are looking at yearly holiday plans with your family because you just have to pay for the number of days that you travel whereas a multi trip insurance covers many number of trips during the period of 365 days. Multi trips are not just effective for business travelers who travels four to five times or even more in a year but even if you two trips in a year a multi trip policy is always very cost effective if you compare the same with the cost of buying two single trip policies independently.

Even if you are doing many small trips during a year a multi-trip travel insurance policy gets you out of the hassle of applying, paying and worrying about arrange travel insurance every time you travel. But before you jump into the decision of Buy Annual Multi Trip Travel Insurance Online at the start of the year you should always have a clear understanding of the benefits associated with it. Some of the benefits are listed below:

  1. A Multi trip can bring a lot of savings: When we are looking at a travel insurance plan then we should be looking at something very comprehensive because mishaps in a foreign land can become very costly to handle. In case of a medical emergency your travel insurance partner can be also helpful in finding for you the right medical aid also.

Say if you are business traveler and do multiple trips into different countries buying independent travel plans for each trip can become a costly affair or if you are planning for those last minute trips multi-trip can bring a lot of savings.

  1. Long coverage period:  Coverage in a Travel insurance Policy For Single Trip can be limited to just the number of days of the trip whereas a multiple trip is a yearly policy and utilize its benefits anytime during the year
  2. You can stay always prepared for last minute trips: You might be adventurous in nature or your profession can push you many last minute travel plans. A multi-trip travel plan can be quite effective to you in this case. You can just have your ticket and baggage ready and you are ready to go.

From the perspective of various features of a multi trip plans it is very effective for people who travel for business. A lot of things can go wrong during a travel like loss of passport , baggage or even your passport other than things which can really ruin your travel plan are all covered under multi trip travel insurance plan. Cases like travel delays due to flight delays and cancellation which can have larger financial implication are also cover under a multi-trip travel insurance making it an effective for business travelers.

Other important aspect which makes a multi trip policy more effective over a single trip is that it gets you away from the hassle of buying Travel Insurance policy online single every time.

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Things To Look Into To Avoid Obstruction Of Online Claims In Your Travel Insurance

Most common things which people have been complaining about travel insurance policy arise because of issues relating to claims. People complain things like they have been promised something when they bought the policy but when the situation of claims arise the conditions becomes different.

To be sure that you also don’t fall under a similar trap here are some specific things that you should look into:

1. Cover for trip cancellation: All travel insurance products which are there in the market claim to cover your losses if there is trip cancellation. The condition as it looks is not technically the same that you perceive. Suppose you are business traveler and travelling to different countries is a part of your routine job but it doesn’t mean that if you have cancelled your trip because of business meeting here in India the same would be covered .There are specific situations under which the coverage of trip cancellation cover would work as listed below:

a) Sickness , injury or death which may be situations which may arise with you only

b) Sickness , injury or death of your family member or your travel companion,

c) Bankruptcy of your travel supplier

d) Flight cancellation by your airlines.

Make sure you that you understood this while taking the policy or to avoid this condition do look if your insurance provider provides you an option called “ Cancel for any reason” and you have applied for it while buying a travel insurance plan.

2. Coverage of existing state: The base idea of travel insurance was to give policy holders coverage for medical expenses in a foreign land where generally the domestic policies don’t work. If there is a pre-existing medical condition the insurance companies preferably don’t opt to cover them because the cost of medical coverage. The only way through which you can get a condition covered which has already been determined is to get a waiver for the condition .The conditions under which the waiver can be effective are:

a) You need to buy insurance soon after your first trip payment

b) You need to be healthy when you buy insurance

c) You to need to insure the full amount of your trip has been paid

So when you buy a travel policy make sure that it offers waiver to pre-existing condition exclusion subject to condition that you meet their requirement

3. General exclusions: Every policy document mentions what is called the general exclusions which are situations in which the insurance company would not cover the damages. For example your policy might be covering injuries happening in a foreign but it will never cover it if the cause of the injury is self infliction or happening due to adventure sports etc.

4. Enrolling for the policy late: Say in a case you enrolled for policy for going to a country which would go in a state of civil unrest and which is quite predictable by the time you enrolled for the policy .In a case like this the any coverage promised would not be effective. People generally enroll to policies just few days before travelling which is not at all advisable. In a case discussed above even in the state of flight cancellation you might not get the claim settled so it is always advised to buy a policy the day you might have bought your tickets so in case there is an emergency happening just before you start your actually travel ,the insurance company would always honor your claim.

Please always make sure that you follow the thumb rules before you buy a policy as explained above. The other thing that you need to keep in mind is to keep proper documentation. In case you are faced with an emergency situation .Do keep all the bills that you pay during this period so that it can furnished before the insurance company during the period of making claims

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Loopholes In Travel Insurance Plans Which You Should Try To Avoid

When you enter into an insurance contract with an insurance provider, the primary thing which you should put in habit is to read through fine print of the policy document. Being ignorant and falling into trap while making claims may lead serious effects and you might end up paying from your own pocket though you already paid the insurance company its premium.

Similar rules as discussed above apply while buying a travel insurance plan also  though the insurance is for a limited term and the money you pay as premium is very low but while making claim you don’t actually know what is being covered and what not might put you into financial trap.

We are trying to list below few things which you should try to look into before buying a travel plan.

What Is Covered In Case Of Trip Cancellation? Let’s first understand for travel insurance for single trip what the term trip cancellation as travel policy. A situation where you were not able go forward with your planned trip because of your own sickness or sickness of somebody from your family, injury or death of a member of the family or your travel companion ,bankruptcy of travel supplier and so on. If due to all above mentioned reason you are forced to cancel your trip you insurance company will definitely settle your claim. In case reason is different your claims may be denied by the insurance provider.

In case if you want to make sure that your claims is settled due any reasons of trip cancellation and not just scenarios mentioned above should always apply “ Cancel for any reason” add on as a part of additional covered with your travel policy.

If You Have Pre-Existing Medical Condition. In case if there is a pre-existing health condition your insurance company might not take the risk of covering that. In a situation like this if you have a existing condition try looking for plans which offers waiver for it and while applying for that policy you should make sure that you follow the terms and conditions to comply for the same. Most insurance plans which offers waivers might ask you possibly comply with the following conditions:


  1. You should buy the policy soon after you make after you have paid for the trip
  2. You need to be healthy at the time of buying the policy
  3. You should insure that you have paid the full amount of the trip.

Always Look For Policy Exclusions. Every insurance plan offered today have their own exclusions in terms of what is covered and what is not. The exclusions depend on the risk taking capacity of your travel insurance company. Every policy document has a section called “General Policy Exclusions” which category mentions this and you should study the same to stop yourself in falling into this trap. Like most of the plans available today might not cover you for loss caused by self-inflicted injury, bungee jumping, driving in a motor competition, loss resulting from intoxication, and so on.

Not getting claims due to improper documentation. You should always keep in mind that while making any claims for reimbursement or loss due trip cancellation or due any medical emergency due the period of travel into a foreign country, your claims would be only honored when you furnish the insurance company’s claims department with proper documents ,respective bills and any other thing worth mandatory for them to look into your case in details. During the period of travel you should this thing into your habit so that you can mitigate your chances of not being paid by the insurance company when you make a claim.

Enrolling for travel insurance lately. You might have built up a habit of buying travel policy may just a day before the date of travel but can be create lot of worries for you. When you buy lately certain risks associated can be confirmed to exist so in a case like this the insurance provider will deny your claims. Suppose you bought a travel plan for going a country where war is already predefined the insurance provider will definitely reject your claims .So it is always advised to buy the travel policy just on the date when you have made the final payment for the trip.

People generally forget to look into the points mentioned above before buying travel insurance plan and you fall into the trap. Policyholders generally give wrong reviews about their insurance providers mostly in scenarios when they have not gone through the fine print of the policy. So it always recommended to do thorough study of the various features which the plan has to offers, their specific coverage exclusions and do a online comparison among plans from different insurers before buying one .

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Is It Worth Spending On Travel Insurance Plan For Domestic Trips?

This is a common thing while booking for domestic flights or buying domestic travel packages from online travel portals you might find a tab travel insurance pre-checked which might just add Rs.200 to your travel cost . You generally don’t take the pain to ignore it and end you buying travel insurance with the same but do you think it worth spending that Rs.200?


In case of international travel though travel insurance becomes a mandatory thing for some geographies and looking at the risk involved it acts a real boon for you but do you think a similar kind of value is there when you are looking the same in case of domestic travel. The domestic flight from Delhi to Goa which is hardly of two hour do you think it worth spending.


In any case insurance of any type help you financial risk associated with any kind of emergency and the same applies to travel to. Though it is tough to guess whether there would be an emergency even in case of travelling inside own country so one should look at travel insurance as an option. Domestic travel insurance can beneficial in many situations but existing plans available also come with certain limitations so you should also do a thorough evaluation before buying travel Insurance Plans one.


Let’s see what things can be covered by your Domestic travel insurance plans and try to understand the limitation before you make a decision to buy one next time.


What happens when you miss a flight? You might face a situation when while going to airport to catch your flight , you car might get damaged or the public transport might break down and you miss the flight. In a situation like your travel insurance becomes a boon , you actually can claim for reimbursement of the cost. Specially if in this situation when the ticket cost is non refundable as in case last minute booking and economy carriers then this particular reimbursement becomes very helpful.


Got ill during the course of travel. If you are not in your city and you fall ill during the course of travel the situation can be very troublesome for the rest of the members of the travel group.In case you have opted for a domestic travel cover when in situation if are supposed moved to a location for urgent medication your insurance provider would bear the cost in that case. Looking at another situation when you family might have moved to your location of medication for assistance some plans existing in the market today also bears the cost also.So in case of medical emergency it becomes a money save and in case the you health insurance cover is not enough then the cover from your travel insurance plan for Family can supplement that to give you peace of mind.


Needed extra accommodation due to flight delays or cancellation. Suppose you had to catch a flight from delhi and you stay in city close to delhi so in that case you had  travel from there to catch the flight. Now in case of flight delays or rescheduling of flights you might have to look for accommodation in Delhi. Though it is your carrier’s duty to provide you free of cost accommodation during this period but in case of popular lost cost carriers this is not possible. In this case the extra cost that you might have to pay for accommodation would be borne you travel insurance provider and this becomes an additional benefits for you.


What happens in case dismemberment or accidental death ? Though we don’t expect an emergency of this level would ever come while travelling inside country but you never know. In case of accidental death or dismemberment you loved can claims for losses though the amount paid as a claim may be much low compared to your life insurance plan but it is somehow helpful.


Though these benefits might not attract you so much but just at Rs.200 for a cover of say Rs.1 lacs for a 15 day trip might actually act helpful for you.This becomes very helpful in case non-refundable trips and the reimbursement given by your travel insurance provider can mitigate your loss largely. Infact now IRCTC has also started offering travel insurance for train journeys too. Thought eost involved is very low and also the benefits but in a state of emergency this can be very helpful and stop lot of your financial losses.


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Is Travel Insurance Policy Is Only Meant To Cover You Lost Baggage?

There are a lot of misinterpretations around travel insurance plans .People travelling internationally largely buy travel insurance policies because of visa guidelines for most of the European and American nations.  The fact is true that travel insurance give coverage for financial loss happening due to loss of baggage during the course of travel but that is not just what is being insured under a travel.

There is a holistic range of things that are covered under a travel plan which includes issues during medical emergency, availability of cash in a foreign land in case of theft, cancellation of flight, delay in flights and various other scenarios which seem to cause financial loss to the policy holder are all covered under a plan. Let’s look at some specific scenario:

  1. Loss of passport: While travelling to a foreign land passport is an important document which proves your identity in a foreign country. Your passport also contains the details regarding the permission given to you by authority in terms of number of days you can stay in an international location. In case due in unfortunate event you face a situation where you passport might get lost can have to terrible consequences. When faced with a situation like this you can just call on the emergency number of your insurer, the insurer will not only insure that you get the duplicate passport delivered in the foreign land but will also insure that all cost incurred would be taken care by them
  2. Miss, Delayed or Cancelled flight: This may be a common phenomenon which may happen during travelling in the country also but to avail full benefit of the cover you need to insure that you buy the policy from the day you buy your flight ticket. There may be a situation where you might miss a flight because not been able to reach airport on time due to traffic but if your travel is insured the insurance company will definitely cover the cost of the ticket. Another most common scenario which is specific to international travel is delay and cancellation flight due some unforeseen reason. Though in a case like this the airline holds the responsibility to providing you all the facility during this period but in any case you are supposedly spend the same from your own pocket ,don’t worry your travel insurance provider is ready to bear that .
  3. Medical emergencies: So this is again a tough battle to fight in a foreign land. Surely in this case your domestic health plan will not to your help. Your travel plan has a feature which can help you handle an emergency like this. This is again very helpful because of cost of medical services is technically very high compared to India.  In this you can also get compensated for ambulance travel if you are supposed to be taken to the nearest medical facility and even if your family needs to travel from India to help you everything get covered under the medical cover of your travel plan.
  4. Emergency evacuation:  This is also a unique coverage which your insurer can offer under their travel plan. Say during political unrest or a terrorist attack or even due to medical emergency you are forced to deport yourself back to emergency in between your travel duration, the travel insurance plan which definitely cover all the financial losses arising because of this.
  5. Burglary at home: Say during the period of travel you home in India get looted or something mishap similar to that happens, some travel insurance plans also cover similar instances.

So technically speaking doesn’t get mistaken by the idea that travel insurance only cover your loss of luggage but it is more comprehensive in terms of insurance.  Even lot of travel portals combine travel insurance plans as a part of their travel package but you should always cautious about what you are buying. Preferably try using an online comparison portal to compare travel insurance plans from different insurers based on the location where you intend to travel and the motive behind your travel.  Since insurers provide you services in a foreign land through their foreign partners you should also look at providers in terms of their partner’s presence too.

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