HDFC Two Wheeler Insurance Online-HDFC Ergo Two Wheeler Comprehensive Insurance

If you are looking for assured service, easy claim process and an effective comprehensive cover for your two wheeler-Bike or scooter, HDFC Ergo two wheeler insurance is the right option you should be looking at. A cost effective and transparent two wheeler Insurance policy that not only provides shield against accidental damages to your two wheeler but also provides the owner driver a personal accident cover to the tune of Rs. 1lac

What is covered?

HDFC Ergo policy covers for all possible damages that can happen to your bike or scooter also to a third person who might get affected because of the vehicle plus it provides a cover to the owner too. Categorically speaking what is covered under the policy can be divided under three groups:

  1. Damages happening to the vehicle:  All possible damages happening due to theft and accident are covered under the policy. Damages happening due to social unrest like terrorist acts, strikes and riots or natural calamities or when the vehicle is damaged during transit and things like lightning ,fire explosion etc  are covered under the policy
  2. Damages happening to a third party: You as a owner of the two wheeler might get into a legal liability because of damages happening to a third person or property in case of accident involving your bike or scooter is also covered under the third party cover of the policy.
  3. Damages happening to  owner driver: As an owner and the policyholder you can also get personal accident cover to a maximum of Rs. 1lacs which will cover accidental death and physical disability

How can apply online for the policy?

Applying for this policy is very simple and you can also do it online .You can also easily pay premium by using online banking, debit and credit card. You can apply for this policy only if you have valid and effective driving license. The basic details required to buying this policy online are:

  1. Date of registration
  2. City of registration
  3. The manufacturer name
  4. Vehicle model name

Before even buying online you can also compare the policy with the existing offerings in the market through various online websites like which can give you a better understanding what is being offered at the price that you pay.

What is not covered under the policy?

 Before buying a HDFC ERGO two wheeler insurance plans you should also look at what is no covered under the policy to get an overview:

  1. Damage happening outside India is not covered under the policy.
  2. Regular depreciation happening to your two wheeler is not covered under the policy.
  3.  If you driving without a valid driving license or while you are in a alcoholic situation the damages happening due to that are not covered under the policy.

HDFC Ergo comprehensive two wheeler policy is most effective for people who are owners of all popular brands of two wheelers. The premium that you would pay would depend on the Insured declared value of bike or scooter, age of the vehicle, date and place of registration. Two Wheeler Insurnace claim process is very easy .There are also add on cover which you can apply under the policy by paying a nominal fee.