Understanding the top rated two wheeler insurance Plans providers in India

Any two wheeler owner in India needs to mandatorily buy a two wheeler policy as Motor Vehicle Act. Not complying which can lead to paying a fine of Rs.1000 or even three months of imprisonment and in the worst case scenario both. But buying two wheeler insurance is not just about complying with a legal guideline but it has many other benefits. When meet with an accident the cost of damage caused to the vehicle could quite high or it can also lead to a death to third person or damage of a third party property then the problem is heavy financial loss. If you already have two wheeler policies in place you can easily recover the same by claim it from the insurer.

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Two wheeler plans are provided by general insurance companies in India, the most well known and top rated are:

  1. HDFC Ergo: This is part of the HDFC group companies and provides one of the most competitive rates for two wheeler insurance. The company offers both cashless and reimbursement based claim settlement option to the policy holder. A company with good claim ratio and having a wide network of cashless garages making it easy policyholders across the country to process claims across various geographies of the country. The two wheeler plan offered by HDFC Ergo provides for
  1. Instant policy purchase and renewal online
  2. Policy issuance mechanism is also instant , once you pay the premium the policy document get delivered into your registered email address
  3. Give complete coverage over repair of parts due to accidental damages
  4. A Round the clock customer service provider makes it one of the apt options to look into
  1. Bajaj Allianz: This is part of Bajaj financial services group, renowned general insurance provider in the country today. The company also it life insurance wing also. Looking at the two wheeler insurance offering from Bajaj they few things which make it stand ahead of the crowd of other providers
  1. Offers a comprehensive plans with both own damage and third party cover
  2. Provides instant policy renewal and issuance online which help customers to take hassle free decisions
  3. You can avail for certain free repair in their connected list of garages to an extent
  4. You actually don’t need to remember your renewal date , they have of system of providing SMS update to help you in the process.
  1. TATA AIG:  This is part Tata financial services group in collaboration with AIG which is the world largest re-insurance player. Along with its regular comprehensive two wheeler insurance offering the service standards makes it one of the acceptable insurers for most policy customers.  Few of the key features of TATA AIG two wheeler policy are
  1. Free pick facility of the two wheeler from the accident site
  2. Offers six months of warranty in terms of repair done through their network of cashless garages
  3. Good amount of discount is offered to the policyholders at the time of renewal
  4. Have a network of 2200 cashless garages
  5. 24x7 Customer support for policy holders
  1. Reliance General Insurance: This is part of Reliance Capital ADAG group which works as a one stop shop of all types of general insurance of the customers. Provides a comprehensive policy for two wheeler insurance plans holders. Some of the key feature Reliance two wheeler policy are
  1. Offers cashless claim settlement mechanism across 2100 garages with Rs.1500 allowance for towing the vehicle to the repair location
  2. Provides a hassle free and easy renewal mechanism though online mode
  3. A better claim settlement ratio and offers instant claim issuance
  4. 24x7 customer service both on phone and email

There are many others in the list both these are list few which has the most satisfied customer base and suffice larger range of requirements of two wheeler owner.