What Can Be Possible Consequences Of Riding An Uninsured Two Wheeler Insurance Plans?

Possibly riding a two wheeler without insurance is a legal crime under Indian court of law. Still when we look the insurance regulator’s data 75% of two wheeler on Indian roads today are either never insured or the policies have lapsed. People look it as tool to just save few hundred of bucks but if we try to analyse the situation in terms of it long term effects it can become a real money burner and can put you into financial trouble. Whatever may be the reason of your staying uninsured but you should always be ready to face the below hurdles.

Heavy legal penalty: So if you are caught by authorities while riding your bike without an insurance then you may be asked to pay a fine of Rs.1000 or 3 months of imprisonment or both as per Motor Vehicles act of the country.

Loss of NCB: We feel everybody understand what NCB means. This is specifically a discount which the insurance provider offers on your premium if you have not had made any claims during the previous term of the policy. So if you fail to renew your policy you end up losing this benefit. In case the period between when your policy term ends and the renewal is done is more than 90 days then the you not only loose the benefits of getting NCB credits which you had in your previous term while renewing it again but you also miss the right of passing on existing benefits of your plan to a new vehicle which you might have bought in future.

Legal liability arises:  A comprehensive two policies always protects you’re from perils of natural disaster and any damage which is caused to a third party because of accident by bike or scooter. In case if you are uninsured you not only have to bear the cost of the damages which may arise due to your bike or scooter but in case any third party person or property is damaged due to your acts during the period can put under a legal trial for being a negligent driver which may cost you huge sums of money.

Time consuming process: So when you forget to insure your policy on time and the same has lapsed and you try renewing it after lapsation then you again have to go through the process of inspection from your insurance provider before they would cover you under a plan. This process only leads to huge extra cost but the process is time consuming. Looking at the other bad effects of staying uninsured where you might get into a litigation the constant effort to get out of the same is also tiresome and time taking.

So things can be both way quite disturbing if you either are not insured or you forget to renewing your two wheeler insurance on time. Other than the financial loss which is ought to happen in a case like you might be sued under the court of law and might be forced to pay heavy legal fine under guidelines of the court of law.

If you have the habit of forgetting your renewal dates you can also have the option of selecting long term two wheeler plans where you don’t have to worry for renewal for next 2 or 3 years post the initial pay. Other than that since the underlying financial loss is also very heavy so the avoid this you can also use online websites to do quick renewals. I Right now even your insurance providers also keep on reminding you from time to time through SMS and emails three months before the day of actual renewal. A discipline approach is always the best way to stop you to getting away from the consequences so that it doesn’t becomes a pain in the back but becomes a real money saver.